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Early Friday Opening

March 24, 2009

If there’s a travesty that needs correcting, it’s this: Bailey’s Taproom is closed more often than it’s open. And if you think about it, that means that all your favorite beers are behind locked doors more often than not in a week, just sitting there lonely, waiting for those precious 8 hours a day (6 days a week) that someone will come in and drink them.

Well, thanks to popular demand, we’re giving this whole early hours idea a test drive this Friday the 27th to see if people will put their money where their mouth is and their mouth where our beers are.

We’ll be opening our doors at 12 noon for any thirsty lunch goers who’d like to stop in and sneak in a beer before heading back to work or any of you lucky folks who have the day off from the workplace or any of you unlucky folks who have every day off the ex-workplace.

If this turns out to be a success, we just might consider doing it again. And if it turns out to be a huge success, we just might consider being open all the time, 24/7, Geoff and I swapping places behind the bar every eight hours for the rest of our natural lives.

But I wouldn’t bet on that.


Last Chance for Pliny the Younger

March 4, 2009

For anyone who doesn’t know yet (and happens to check the blog today), we tapped Russian River Pliny the Younger on Saturday and it’s been a mega-hit. One of only a handful of kegs to arrive in Portland, this rare Imperial IPA has elicited more than a few “best beer I’ve ever had” utterances from rabid fans.

If you haven’t tried it yet or have but need one last glass before it goes, today is the day to stop by Bailey’s. Based on its activity in the past three days, this will blow by the end of tonight, Wednesday the 4th of March.

Don’t miss it!