A Peek At Some AnniBREWsary Beers


Are you guys and gals still hanging in there? After the deluge of Portland beer festivals in the past few weeks, are you primed for the best one yet? Then get your party hats on, beer fans, because we’re only FOUR days away from Saturday’s One-Year AnniBREWsary, and as you should already know, we’re rolling out barrel-aged beers to celebrate.

But which ones, you ask?

Here’s just a quick peek at SOME of what we’ll be tapping for your drinking pleasure:

  • Fort George Illuminator (Bourbon Barrel) – Doppelbock
  • Full Sail Top Sail (Bourbon Barrel) – Imperial Porter
  • Hair of the Dog Fred from the Wood – Barleywine
  • Lucky Lab 5 Ton (Whiskey Barrel) – Strong Ale
  • Laurelwood Moose and Squirrel (Bourbon Barrel) – Imperial Stout
  • Roots 2006 Epic (Pinot Noir) – Imperial Stout

Stay tuned to this blog all week for a few more reveals on the barrel aged list. And keep in mind that we’ve got a couple EXTRA SPECIAL MYSTERY BEERS that we’ll be keeping quiet until the big day itself. I don’t want to ruin the surprise, so I’ll just say that one of these beers breaks our rule of only keeping west coast beers on tap by our longest distance ever and the other beer won’t be on CO2.

Conclude of those vagaries what you will…


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2 Responses to “A Peek At Some AnniBREWsary Beers”

  1. A faithful customer Says:

    Any way we can see this many imperials year-round?

  2. Kim Says:

    Fred is my all time favorite beer. Thank you, thank you!

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