It’s What’s For Breakfast


I love unusual styles of beer, and Terminal Gravity’s Breakfast Porter certainly constitutes. The first time I poured this beer, I thought I had done something wrong when hooking it up to the tap: it came out brown! Only after sitting down with a pint of it did I realize the change in color was not the only odd thing about this “porter.”

Nowhere near as roasted as most versions of the style, it struck me as a cross between a brown, a red ale, and a traditional porter. And yet, it’s not really a very complex beer; as the name suggests, it’s the kind of beer you could imagine drinking for breakfast (if you were an irreconcilable alcoholic, that is…. or Irish). It’s mellow, a little sweet, and has a biscuity base to it with an oatmeal texture and just the slightest hints of coffee, chocolate, and maybe even a little brown sugar. Body-wise, it’s about medium, but the texture is fairly chewy, which is a pleasant and rare combination in a beer (and something I’m always happy to find in a porter), and at the very end, you get just the slightest hop bitterness.

For fans of medium bodied, medium colored beers, this is a solid choice; perfectly sessionable and ideal for those who want something just a little dark and roasted in the warmer weather.



3 Responses to “It’s What’s For Breakfast”

  1. Baileys Taproom Says:

    We just put on Anderson Valley’s Oatmeal Stout, so you can double up on your breakfast.

  2. Jerrod Says:

    What’s a biscuity base?

  3. mo442 Says:

    It means there’s a biscuit-like taste (bready, toasted) that remains on the tongue for the entirety of the sip. As other flavors enter and exit, it stays a constant.

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